Registration and startup of the company BGU Baugeräte Union. The corporate business was retail as well as repair and rental of construction machines and equiment.

1974 Startup of BGU Baumarkt branch companies

Private customers begin to turn more and more to BGU.

1980 Second expansion works and production of the first BGU machine

The growth of the retail activities lead us to the construction and refurbishment works of a new unit in Ansbach.
Implementation of the brand name BGU-Maschinen.

1990 Take over of Südharzer Maschinenbau

Foundation of Südharzer Maschinenbau GmbH. 

1992 Expansion of the retail business

Opening of a wholesale store in Ansbach with 6,000 sq.m. pay surface.

1995 Construction of the a new retail establishment in Weißenburg

Opening of a 8,000 sq.m. wide wholesale store.

1998 Opening of new market areas for BGU-Maschinen

The BGU-Maschinen brand is now marketed in all German speaking countries in Europe.  Moreover, the company supplies some OEM customers like Oehler and ALKO.

2000 Expansion of the headquarters in Ansbach

Opening of 10,000 sq.m. wide wholesale center with the addition of a garden centre.


2007 Allocation of new investments in the production facility of BGU-Maschinen

The company's management allocates 1.1 Million Euro for the modernization of the production facility in Nordhausen.


2008 BGU-Großmaschinenzentrum and expansion of range of BGU-Maschinen

The BGU-Großmaschinezentrum in Ansbach is moved to a new location.  The new location avails itself of some 11,000 sq.m. for a better and more complete service and post-sales assistance.
Forest and logging technologies are added to BGU-Maschinen product range.

2010 Expansion of the product range of BGU-Maschinen
The exhisting range is expanded to include firewood packing systems.

2011 Production investments at  BGU-Maschinen and expansion of the marketing and sales activities of the Großmaschinenzentrum.

Upgrade and expansion of the production plant of BGU-Maschinen.
First rental place of  BGU-Großmaschinenzentrum near Coburg.

2012 Independent group companies

From its beginnings with 8 employees in the 70s, BGU has turned to a Group of companies with more than 270 employees.