„At BGU we have been and always will be fully committed to our customers rather than turnover figures and short-term fashion trends. Our customers know it and have come to appreciate this too, which makes us happy and proud.“

Quotes Manfred Bauer, one of the co-owners of  BGU Baugeräte Union

As BGU Baugeräteu-Union we are committed to the mission of satisfying all present and future requirements of our customers and provide them with prompt and successful solutions. All customers are equally important for us, regardless of whether they are municipal contractors, craftmens or home-owners. We care for your needs! We concentrate on each customers individual requirements, based on quality, reliability and flexibility. That's why we accept the challenge and are glad to put ourselves on trial in the field and provide ongoing innovative solutions and new perspectives. This is our aim and our daily work!

The basis of our entire mission relies on highly motivated employees.  They are our strengths and we always aim at constructing long-term relationships based on trust and reliability. Our HR Management is very future-minded and receives numerous beginners every year, who we train and motivate for challenging  job opportunities. Moreover we provide development and qualification programmes for a successful career.